About Pamela J. Mendez

"I grew up in a small suburb west of Chicago, Illinois.  We were very poor unable to afford clothing, so my father made clothes for me and my brother who was 14 months older than me.

In 1984 my brother and I moved to Denver, Colorado.  On October 21, 2004 my brother who had diabetes was killed in a car accident at the age of 43.  On April 14, 2016 my second brother who had just turned 59 was killed in a accident when a driver fell a sleep at the wheel.

I married my husband on May 27, 1989.  When the recession happened in 2008 we lost everything.  We lost our home and our jobs.  We had to go live in a homeless shelter for 15 months. 

On August 25, 2020 my husband had a bad fall.  He had to be put in a nursing home permanently.
Never returning home.

I decided to start my own business to support my four dogs.  We never had any children so my dogs are my kids.

I am excited about PJShops.  They really have a lot of cool clothing at an affordable price.

Take your time shopping.  You will be glad that you did."